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Compression calf sleeves are helpful friends for tired legs that cover tens of kilometers in trainings, compete in races or simply spend much time standing. Encourages better blood flow and reduces fatigueness in legs.

  • MADE FOR YOUR: for professional athletes and amateurs, Sunday football players, children, adults and pensionists etc.
  • FITS ALL ACTIVITIES beginning with cycling, running, hikes, fitness, cross-fit, walks in the forest
  • IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: helps securing healthy blood flow
  • NATURAL HELP for fighting against varicose veins
  • NECESSARY DAILY: how much time do You spend at work standing on feet? Too much? Then give it a try and test calf sleeves
  • FOR TRAVELERS: if You are a frequent traveler (plane/car/motorbike), then this is an answer for heavy legs
  • QUICKER RECOVERY: encourages faster recovery after tiring activities and long training rides
  • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE and stabilization during trainings; sleeves prevent cramps and reduce muscle fatigue
  • PROUDLY MADE in Czechia, from design phase to manufacturing
  • ELEVEN SPORTSWEAR stands and falls for its products and guarantees 100% satisfaction; if You are not happy with the product, give us a call and we will find a solution


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TYPE: Calf sleeves
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ELEVEN compression sleeves

ELEVEN compression sleeves