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    ELEVEN long compression socks STRIPES black
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ELEVEN long compression socks STRIPES black

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ELEVEN compression socks are vital support during the recovery process, helping athletes (running, cycling, triathlon etc.) with recovery after endurance training and with performance increase in the long-term. Dot Green socks are suitable for everyday multiple-hour use and for various sports - training and races.

Knee compression socks are highly appreciated by travellers who spend hours on plane flights or car rides. In addition, Eleven socks are used by those individuals who are "on both feet" for a longer period of time, including at work. Improve the blood circulation; prevent varicose veins, ankle swelling and plantar fasciitis.

Socks contain polypropylene certified Prolen Siltex fibre, modified by silver ions Ag+ and their antibacterial characteristics. Composition: 71% polyamide, 21% polypropylene Siltex, 8% elastane.

  • Made for you: professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, junior athletes, adults and elderly. For various activities: cycling, running, hiking, fitness, cross-fit, long walks etc.
  • ELEVEN compression socks are proudly made in Czechia, European Union. We guarantee high quality and longevity.
  • Dot Green applies to the 1st compression class (support). According to the RAL GZ 387 standard, these compression socks are characterized by 18-21mm Hg pressure.

 SM-LXLSize UK 2-5  6-9 10-13 CM 22-25 26-29 30-33 Size EU 36-39 40-44 45-48

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TYPE: long
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ELEVEN compression socks

ELEVEN compression socks