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  • Squirt’s unique chain lubricant properties is now available in a special Low-Temperature
  • Formula specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of winter riding.
  • Just like the standard Squirt, Low-Temp contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life.  Squirt Low-Temp is only available in 120ml bottle. Features - Low Temp Bottle
  • Smooth, efficient shifting
  • Black hands, chain clamps and a squeaky chain are a thing of the past.
  • Low wear and tear. Chain and sprockets have a service life at least 2 x longer.
  • Never degrease or high-pressure clean the chain again - brushing or rubbing if necessary is sufficient
  • Squirt Lube does not contain solvents that evaporate too quickly.
  • Squirt Lube contains water that evaporates more slowly so that the wax remains liquid for longer.
  • The wax can only penetrate into the spaces between the chain links in liquid form.
  • Squirt Lube contains 38% of a biodegradable wax. This is about one and a half to twice as much as with other wax lubricants.

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