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Piegādē iekļauts

• Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trenažieris
• Elite Travel Block priekšējam ratam
• Elite Trainer paklājs


  • Apvienojams ar 20 līdz 29 collu ratiem.
  • Sadarbojas ar aplikācijām kā  Zwift, Trainerroad un Kinomap.
  • Trenažiera korpuss nodrošina spiedienu uz riepu atkarībā no braucēja svara.
  • Bluetooth Smart un ANT+.
Rata izmērs
  • 26 inch / 27,5 inch / 28 inch / 29 inch
Type of brake 
  • Electrobrake
Maximum resistance
  • 1600 Watt
  • Elite Qubo series
  • Smartphone / Tablet / Computer
  • ANT+ / Bluetooth Smart


The Qubo Digital Smart B+ is the ultimate low-budget interactive cycling trainer! The Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ is the successor to the popular Qubo Digital. As you can pair the trainer to your phone or tablet, a bar-mounted controller has become obsolete and has therefore been left out. This further reduces the price of the trainer.

The Qubo Digital B+ can be paired to the My E-training app via both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. The app automatically regulates the resistance of the trainer, thus simulating climbs. This allows you to experience some of the famous mountains, such as the Alpe D'Huez, from the comfort of your own home. The MyRealVideo app allows you to relive countless recorded rides.

Thanks to the new ANT+ FE-C protocol, you're no longer bound to the software by Elite. This new protocol allows you to pair the trainer to various 3rd party applications such as Zwift, Bkool, Kinomap or Virtual Trainer. The possibilities for a targeted work-out are virtually endless!

The stable frame is suitable for wheels ranging from 20 to 29 inch, and the Fast Locking System allows you to quickly and safely install your bike onto the trainer. The contact surface has been made using an Elastogel, which reduces wear on your tyre as well as noise. The Crono system uses your own body weight to push the tyre onto the trainer, negating the need for an adjuster and guaranteeing a perfect contact area every time.

The Elite travel Block is a front wheel support used to place your bike in a horizontal position. The Elite Trainer mat is a finishing touch to your training room, protecting your floor and increasing your comfort.

My E-training App:
This app for your tablet or smartphone contains basic work-outs based on power, time, and heart rate (depending on the accessories you pair). On top of that, you can perform various tests and ride races on Google Maps courses. The app works with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ trainers by Elite. To use the ANT+ trainers with the app, the Elite or Wahoo ANT+ Dongle is required.


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