Evelostore Cup in road cycling

Over the past years our Evelostore team, together with MDK Projekts, has organized Latvia's leading road cycling series. Multiple races throughout the cycling season gathered the strongest Latvian cyclists, as well as visitors from the other Baltics countries. Most of the stages were hosted in the legendary Biķernieki racing track in Riga, with a mix of group races and individual time trials (ITT). Meanwhile, selected stages took place in scenic Dobele and Salaspils city, and the later one hosted a unique cyclo-cross race in the banks of Daugava river. This sandy and mud-filled cyclo-cross race was won by Dmitrijs Sorokins.

The season of 2016 was won by Emils Liepins, who was victorious in his native town Dobele, which hosted the Baibas Caunes memorial race. In order to pass the overall leader Kristofers Racenajs, he had to win the race, and Liepins did it in style. This season Emils represents UCI World Tour team Trek-Segafredo. The next season (2017) was dominated by the former U-23 European champion Kalvis Eisaks, who showed stability throughout all seven stages.

Kalvis Eisaks - Evelostore Kauss 2017 uzvarētājs

Evelostore Kauss 2017 general classification

 1. Kalvis Eisaks Doltcini Latvia 162p
2. Juris Visockis Doltcini Latvia 119p
3. Artis Roze Tukums 105p
4. Māris Kalveršs Evelo Team 97p
5. Kristers Ansons Murjāņu Sporta Ģimnāzija 95p
6. Arvis Rendors Dobeles Dzirnavnieks 94p
7. Mikus Veismanis Virsotne/Marmot 85p
8. Ģirts Vēvers Evelo Team 80p
9. Nauris Inovskis Evelo Team 75p
10. Kaspars Serģis Alpha Baltic-Maratoni.lv 70p

Emīls Liepiņš - Evelostore Kauss 2016 uzvarētājs

Evelostore Kauss 2016 general classification

1. Emīls Liepiņš Team Rietumu-Delfin 126p
2. Kristofers Rācenājs Alpha Baltic-Maratoni.lv 122p
3. Andris Lukjanovs Team Rietumu-Delfin 116p
4. Ēvalds Pavlovs Gaismas Maģija-EMU 113p
5. Ģirts Vēvers Evelo Team 111p
 6. Artūrs Beļēvičs Team Rietumu-Delfin 109p
7. Kaspars Serģis Alpha Baltic-Maratoni.lv  95p
8. Māris Kalveršs Evelo Team 95p
9. Kalvis Eisaks Doltcini Latvia 94p
10. Nauris Inovskis Gaismas Maģija-EMU 90p

Emīls Liepiņš uzvar finiša sprintā

Evelostore Kauss 2017

Photos: Kaspars Suškevics