Privacy policy

Evelostore cares about its clients personal data protection, and therefore we strictly follow the data protection law in European Union (EU) and Latvia. With this confidenciality statement Evelostore informs the website visitors or clients (physical individual, who has used, plans to use or is using SIA EVELO services) about the data that is collected on our website, as also reasons the need for such data collection. We also inform clients about their rights, data transfer, data storage terms and the lawful backing of data analysis, as also about the responsible data collectors (responsible for data analysis).

1. Responsible for data collection, processing and analysis

Information about the data collectors, who are responsible for the collected data and its processing, based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) article 13, are presented within this section. The information below can be used also to contact the individuals responsible for data protection at Evelostore:

  2. Kaivas street 29/1-32, Riga, LV-1021
  3. Telephone: +37126222282
  4. Email:

2. Data processing

2.1. Personal data

GDPR Article 4 defines personal data information as any information that is related to an identified person. Such data can be: name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, bank account details.

2.2. Data extraction and analysis for the contract of client

When completing and order on Evelostore website, clients have to insert personal information so that we can proceed with the order and deliver purchased goods to the desired destination, to proceed with handling the returns, as also allowing clients to leave feedback. As a result, clients are requested to insert personal data, such as name, email address, address of order destination, and if necessary, bank account details. Communication with the clients is done via emails, and therefore it is important that clients insert correct information about email address. Evelostore uses email to communicate with clients and to provide information, such as 1) bank transfer data, 2) order confirmation, 3) order dispatch information, as also 4) other relevant information about the purchase process. Such data is necessary to fulfill the contract of client.

In cases when an individual contacts Evelostore before creating the contract of client, for example, when making an inquiry about specific product or asking questions about custom design manufacturing process, we store the data about individual's contact information (emai data) and name, in order to perform actions before creating the contract of client. GDPR article 6 and its B point informs that we can lawfully obtain such personal data, if the individual makes and inquiry or asks questions. If the individual does not convert into client, we delete the obtained personal data within 24 (twenty four) months from the first contact.

In order to deliver the purchased goods to our clients, we transfer personal data to delivery service partners that are divided into two categories: 1) payment processing providers and 2) delivery providers. First category covers PayPal and credit card paymeny companies, while the second category covers our delivery partners Omniva, DPD, and Latvijas Pasts. For example, client's personal data is transfered to DPD courier, who can only use it to perform his/her duties as an employee of DPD. Namely, to deliver the package. Personal data strictly can not be used for other purposes.

Evelostore transfers the personal data to the authorised processor Maksekeskus AS (Niine 11, Tallinn 10414, Estonia) for the purpose of payment process. Before the payment process the client has to agree to the terms and conditions. Payment is processed only when the client agrees to the terms and conditions.

2.3. Client account

Evelostore website visitors are given an option to create client's account, which is protected by the password of personal choice. Such account provides information about the previous orders and their history, payments, vouchers, as also about personal data provided to us (delivery address, email). The reasoning behind obtaining such data lies in GDPR article 6 (A) point. Namely, such data is gathered only with the consent of Evelostore clients and can be deleted if the client confirms it.

2.4. Newsletters

We offer our visitors and clients an option to subscribe to Evelostore newsletter. Before joining the subscribers list, the individual is given the freedom to choose - to join the list or to not join the list, to provide information about communication channel (email address) and personal name or to not provide such information. You subscribe to the newsletter while being just a visitor of website, or as a client.

When joining the subscription list, the individual only provides personal data of: name, surname, and email address. These are the only three requested fields of data. Such information allows Evelostore to communicate news (arrivals, discounts), events with our participation, or special offers (discount codes) via the presented email address, as also to provide a personal greeting, which is the only reason of gathering data about individuals' name/surname. Evelostore website visitors can also subscribe to the newsletter by providing only the email address, without providing information about personal name. Data is stored and analysis based on the GDPR article 6, point A, stating that the individual gives consent for storage of personal data.

Newsletters are distributed from the Evelostore email ( with the use of Mailchimp marketing service (The Rocket Science Group, LLC 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Suite 5000; Atlanta, GA 30308 ASV), which adapts to GDPR article 28. Other data besides the individual's name/surname and email address, is not transfered to the Mailchimp service. Each newsletter that is delivered to the subscribers list is provided with an option to cancel the subscription at any time. If the subscriber makes such request, the personal data of an individual (name, email) is deleted from the subscribers list. If the individual encounters technical issues during subscription cancellation process, another option is to contact us directly via email ( with a headline "newsletter". Based on the GDPR article 6, point F about the evidence and protection for lawful data requests, Evelostore will store the data set about subscribers for 3 (three) years after cancellation. However, this data set will not be used for communication or data transfer, and it will be automaticall deleted after these three years.

3. Cookies

3.1 What are cookies?

Cookies are small size data files helping to remember website preferences, allowing the Evelostore website visitor to skip the need to adjust browswer settings repeatedly, every time you enter the website. Cookies are not harmful and they help with the protection of website visitors privacy. Evelostore cookies are not used to identify the website visitors or profile them, and cookies are also not utilized to misuse the data.

3.2 What cookies does Evelostore use?

Evelostore uses cookies that allows us to effectively switch the clients' view from laptot/pc/tablet to smartphone, in order to adapt to the used device. We also store your settings and follow browser polls to provide better user experience and user interface (UX/UI) for our clients. Third-party cookies are also stored (such as Google Analytics for user traffic report). Such data is stored by the third-party, and Evelostore does not have access to use them, read or edit this data.

3.3 Legal reasoning for the use of cookies

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 6 (F) serves as the legal reasoning behind the use of cookies in Evelostore website, and is therefore connected to need of securing optimal functionality of our website. Article 6 (A) further confirms the use of WEB analyis cookies after the website's visitor has given its consent: Evelostore uses cookies to secure functional service and, by continuing to use our website, you agree do the use of cookies.

3.4 Consent to the use of cookies

Majority of cookies are automatically accepted, unless your WEB browser has different settings. By visiting and using Evelostore website, you agree to the storage of cookies. You can visit your WEB browser settings to restrict or block the cookie flow:

  1. Google Chrome:
  2. Mozilla Firefox:
  3. Opera:
  4. Safari:
  5. Internet Explorer:

3.5 Revoking the consent and deleting cookies

You as Evelostore website visitor are able to revoke the consent to use cookies at any point, and it can be done by deleting the stored cookies. Namely, you can deactivate accepted cookies in the settings of particular WEB browser, which is in use. If you want to agree only to the use of Evelostore cookies and exclude cookies related to the use of third parties, you can edit these terms within the browser settings at the text "block cookies from third-part providers".

4. Google Analytics 

Evelostore uses Google Analytics (Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, ASV) WEB analytics tool, which uses website visitors cookies in order to provide information of how these users navigate throughout the website. Google processes this information and presents reports. Obtained information is stored by Google on its servers in US. Out website provides IP anonymity, and therefore Google Analytics analysis only shortened IP addresses and avoids direct user identification.

5. Hotjar

Hotjar technology service (Level 2, St Julian’s Business Centre, 3, Elia Zammit Street, St Julian’s STJ 1000, Malta) is implemented on Evelostore website and allows us to improve the quality of our visitor's user experience and user interface (UX/UI). Namely, it allows us to secure better checkout process, better page overview and information architecture. Hotjar follows the movement of website visitors and collects feedback. For example, it follows the movement on front page and which categories/products visitors click on to view, as also which categories visitors prefer or do not like. Hotjar uses cookies that collec data about users behaviour and used device (tablet, smartphone, pc, laptop - IP address, anonymity), the display size of device, web browser, geographical location (only country, nothing specific), used language. Data is not used further or distributed to the third-parties neither by Evelostore or Hotjar.

Hotjar privacy policy. How to deactivate Hotjar in your web browser, read about it here.

6. Log files

While visiting Evelostore website, your web browser send usage data to our servers, and this data is further logged to our server's log files. As a result, such data is stored: data and time, request type, log type, and access status, file size and name, IP address from which the request is made, source URL (information of the website, from which the user has reached Evelostore), information about the used browser (for example, the version of browser).

We keep log files to secure functionality of our website for different types of web browsers and different versions, in order to improve this functionality based on the updates. Such data log is reasoned with the GDPR artice 6, F point, which arguments that data storage with its use for securing e-shop functionality and server data flow. Users' IP addresses will be deleted and anonymity guaranteed within 10 days.

Evelostore team,
February 2020