1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small size data files helping to remember website preferences, allowing the Evelostore website visitor to skip the need to adjust browswer settings repeatedly, every time you enter the website. Cookies are not harmful and they help with the protection of website visitors privacy. Evelostore cookies are not used to identify the website visitors or profile them, and cookies are also not utilized to misuse the data.

2. What cookies does Eleven Sportswear Latvia use?

Evelostore uses cookies that allows us to effectively switch the clients' view from laptot/pc/tablet to smartphone, in order to adapt to the used device. We also store your settings and follow browser polls to provide better user experience and user interface (UX/UI) for our clients. Third-party cookies are also stored (such as Google Analytics for user traffic report). Such data is stored by the third-party, and Evelostore does not have access to use them, read or edit this data.

3. Legal reasoning for the use of cookies

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 6 (F) serves as the legal reasoning behind the use of cookies in Evelostore website, and is therefore connected to need of securing optimal functionality of our website. Article 6 (A) further confirms the use of WEB analyis cookies after the website's visitor has given its consent: Evelostore uses cookies to secure functional service and, by continuing to use our website, you agree do the use of cookies.

4. Consent to the use of cookies

Majority of cookies are automatically accepted, unless your WEB browser has different settings. By visiting and using Evelostore website, you agree to the storage of cookies. You can visit your WEB browser settings to restrict or block the cookie flow:

  1. Google Chrome: support.google.com
  2. Mozilla Firefox: support.mozilla.org
  3. Opera: help.opera.com
  4. Safari: support.apple.com
  5. Internet Explorer: windows.microsoft.com

5. Revoking the consent and deleting cookies

You as Evelostore website visitor are able to revoke the consent to use cookies at any point, and it can be done by deleting the stored cookies. Namely, you can deactivate accepted cookies in the settings of particular WEB browser, which is in use. If you want to agree only to the use of Evelostore cookies and exclude cookies related to the use of third parties, you can edit these terms within the browser settings at the text "block cookies from third-part providers".

Evelostore team,
February 2019