1. The purpose 

The following page covers the information that unites two sides - 1) visitors or clients of the particular website Evelostore.com and 2) SIA EVELO (Kaivas street 29/1-32, Riga, LV-1021). This page includes the general terms and conditions for Evelostore client contract on website or show-room store in Riga, Dzelzavas street 120G.

2. How to place an order

Evelostore website allows its visitors to place an order both as guests and as registered clients. Namely, you are not obliged to register as a client or create a profile in order to make an order, as the 'instant checkout' option allows you to make the purchase as a guest. Individuals can also place an order in our show-room shop in Riga, Dzelzavas street 120G (Rigas Industrial park).

When placing an order on the Evelostore website, add the desired product to the shopping cart and indicate the correct parameters - the number of products, size, and color, if asked. In order to help our clients with choosing the right size, we have created and added the Size charts section. When the product is added to the cart, you are given an option to continue shopping or to proceed with the payment. If you choose the latter one, the five-step checkout process begins:

  1. Summary: presents shopping cart overview with the availability of chosen products, the amount of chosen products, sizes, as well as the total price including TAX (for products and delivery).
  2. Sign in: within this step client has an option to do an instant checkout, create an account, or sign in to an already registered account (client profile).
  3. Address: the client has to present delivery and billing addresses. An option to edit existing addresses or add new ones is given, and the client can also add comments about the order if necessary. For example, a message to the delivery courier, in case the house has a specific door code.
  4. Shipping: the client can choose among various delivery methods. Delivery time and costs are presented in order to provide all the relevant information to the client. Within this step, the client is also kindly asked to read the Terms and Conditions and accept them. The order can not proceed without the consent of the client. Order can be paid for over the internet or also in the show-room store (Riga, Dzelzavas 120G).
  5. Payment: the last step once again displays an overview of the shopping cart and presents various payment methods for completing the order. Payment has to be done with Euro (EUR) currency, except for the PayPal payment method where it adapts to the currency that applies to clients' bank card and the country it is registered.

In our showroom in Riga, Dzelzavas 120G, clients are able to pay both with a bank card or with cash. Payment on our website is possible within Europe through card payment, bank transfer, or PayPal. When the client proceeds with the bank transfer method, Evelostore will send the order confirmation (within one (1) business day) and electronic invoice to the indicated client's e-mail address.

3. Delivery time and conditions

We deliver in whole Europe, including Non-EU countries. Delivery time and costs depend on the chosen method, and the information regarding it can be seen within the Delivery and Costs section. Within the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) we secure delivery within 1 to 3 business days, while in the rest of Europe - 3 to 7 business days. With working hours of 10 AM to 6 PM during the business days, we guarantee order dispatch within 24 hours of order and its payment confirmation).

If any product from the order is not available (is not manufactured, is not in the stock), we have the right to not accept the order. Evelostore keeps the rights to also proceed with partial delivery (eg. an item missing) in case such a reasonable decision has to be taken in order to secure fast delivery. For instance, an item is not in stock or is stuck in the manufacturing process, which causes delays in delivery time. In such a situation, Evelostore delivers the order in two parts (with a single delivery cost), and we will contact the client beforehand to discuss the best solution.

4. Return policy

4.1 Rights to cancel

14-day return policy: Evelostore client has the right to cancel the contract within 14 (fourteen) days of contract creation, without naming the reason. The rights for cancellation will end after these 14 days. The day count begins at the point when the client or third person, which is not the courier, has received the products from the order. In order to use the rights to cancel, the client must inform SIA EVELO (Dzelzavas 120G, Riga, telephone: +37126222282, email: ivo@evelostore.com) about the decision to cancel the contract.

4.2 Consequences of cancellation

If the client agrees to cancel the contract, Evelostore will refund the money paid for product(s) within 14 (fourteen) days, counting from the moment when product(s) have reached us. However, delivery costs are not covered by Evelostore. The client also has an option to deliver products for free to our shop in Riga, Dzelzavas 120G, without an unreasonable delay of more than 14 days after receiving the products.

The return policy is valid if the client returns products to our address (Dzelzavas 120G, Riga) within these 14 days. Please, consider that SIA EVELO will not consider complaints regarding the returned product evaluation process in cases when returns are done via post or couriers. Namely, the state of returned products can not be evaluated by both sides (client and Evelostore) at the moment of receiving the returned products. Therefore the client agrees to SIA EVELO opinion and evaluation regarding the returned products when sent via post, including the evaluation of visual state and damage of products. Further complaints about the products, that in clients opinion do not match the products returned, will be considered as irrelevant. As a result, we suggest clients return the products to our shop in Riga, Dzelzavas 120G. In such a way, both sides can evaluate the state of returned products.

The client is required to cover the direct costs for delivering the returned products. Clients are responsible for the decrease of product's value if they use products not only to try out the product (eg. wear socks for 30 minutes, test the size and feel) but use it for unreasonable purposes. Within the 14 days when the rights to cancel are valid, the client can use the product only for the purpose of trying it out (without diminishing the quality of the product) - similar to how the product is tested by clients in the shop. Therefore the client, when applying for the rights to cancel, is responsible for the state of the returned product, namely, that the returned products have not lost their value due to intense wear or other damages.

4.3 Exclusion of the rights to cancel 

Evelostore does not store copies of client contracts. The rights to cancel the application can be made in free form, but it has to be written in either Latvian, English, or Estonian. Law of the Government of Latvia No.255 of May 20, 2014 “Regulations on distance contract” in cases specified in Paragraph 22, specifies exclusions for rights to cancel:

  1. the price of a product depends on the state of the financial market (fluctuations), that the seller has no control over it and that can happen during the 14 days of rights to cancel
  2. products are tailored to clients desires with very specified personalizations, namely, custom made;
  3. the product gets damaged quickly or expires soon;

5. Terms of guarantees

Evelostore products receive a 2 (two) year guarantee. Invoice or receipt with the time/date of purchase are valid as the guarantee cards and have to be presented when requesting guarantee/applying for guarantee. 1) Manufacturing defects and 2) quality of raw materials are the two issue areas that apply to guarantee requests. If the client experiences such issues, feel free to contact us via email (ivo@evelostore.com) or by phone (+37126222282).

If the product is damaged during the delivery process, please contact Evelostore within 48 (forty-eight) hours after receiving the order. We will evaluate the guarantee request within 10 (ten) days of receiving the request, as stated in the regulations.

6. Discount codes

Discount codes are distributed to Evelostore followers and clients, offering special discounts over a specific period of time. The distribution is done via various communication channels, such as newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram social accounts. The use of discount codes has the following rules:

  1. Evelostore client can not use more than one active code at a time, namely, to combine 10% Instagram discount with two 15% loyalty discounts. However, special deals apply when two codes can be combined (when the checkout allows it), and Evelostore keeps the rights to freely combine or uncombine the codes.
  2. Discount codes can be used both online and in-shop (Riga, Dzelzavas 120G). When making a purchase in the shop and using the code, the client has to clearly state the code and name the source of code (eg. via newsletter).
  3. Personalized codes can not be transferred and used by another person.
  4. The validity period of the discount code is determined by Evelostore. If the discount code is valid for less than 30 (thirty) days, the clients or followers will be informed about a specific date.
  5. Discount code does not contain free delivery. Free delivery is valid only in cases when the order fits the free delivery policy (eg. order above 35 EUR in Latvia). On special occasions discount code is combined with free delivery, without regards to the order's value, and clients will be clearly informed in such 'free delivery + discount code' case.
  6. If the client wants to return the purchased product, Evelostore returns the value of the discount purchase, not the value of the product without the discount. Namely, if the client purchases a sock worth 100.00 EUR with a 10% discount, Evelostore refunds 90.00 EUR.

7. Gift cards or vouchers

For its clients, Evelostore offers the opportunity of buying gift cards, both tangible and electronic forms. Each gift card has a unique code that has to be entered during the checkout process online (voucher code bar), within the first step. Gift cards can also be used or exchanged for our products in our shop in Riga, Dzelzavas 120G.

  1. The unused amount of gift card can not be exchanged for cash. The client can make multiple orders unless they exceed the gift card value. For example, a 50 EUR gift card can be used two times. 25 EUR purchase can be made with the first order, and then another 25 EUR can be used for the second order.
  2. If the value of order(s) exceeds the value of the gift card, then the client has to make an additional payment for the exceeded amount.
  3. Electronic gift cards are sent within 24 (twenty-four) hours after the payment confirmation. We kindly ask the clients to double-check the email address stated in the checkout process, as electronic gift cards are sent to the stated email address. The 24-hour limit does not apply to cases when the client has inserted a piece of invalid email information. In such a case, it takes more time for Evelostore to identify a faulty address and contact the client for information. There are occasions when the system takes 1 to 3 days to identify a faulty email and inform us.
  4. Tangible gift cards can be received in our shop in Riga, Dzelzavas 120G, as also sent via Omniva parcel stations in the Baltics.
  5. Our delivery policy applies also to the gift cards, as stated in our delivery policy. Electronic gift cards are sent via email for free (for all the values: 10 EUR, 20 EUR, etc.)

Evelostore team,
February 2019