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    BOBIKE GO MINI child seat - lemon sorbet
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BOBIKE GO MINI child seat - lemon sorbet

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BOBIKE GO MINI child seat - lemon sorbet

Now people all over the world can enjoy the sleek and stylish Dutch design. The double-walled material and body-wrapping design make the seat extra safe in countries where bicycle paths and culture are not the standards. Bobike GO Mini is a safety bike seat that can be mounted on the standard front head tube of your bike and is suitable for children from approximately 9 months to 3 years of age and has a maximum weight of 15 kg.


A double-walled construction consists of two sturdy walls: The outer wall, which is in contact with the child’s back, is slightly softer to ensure a comfortable ride. The inner wall is more sturdy and rigid and is designed to create a void between the two walls and therefore the child. If the seat gets impacted, it won’t touch the child.

We Double the Standard: To ensure your child’s safety, the seat has been rigorously tested in the Bobike Test Centre as well as in real-world conditions. Besides that, we always double the international safety standards, to assure that not only the Bobike seat is safe to use, but that its double-safe to use. 


Sleek, compact, and with an ergonomic shape – the seat and the footrests were designed for a perfect fit – the efficient construction reduces bulk promoting enough room to ride comfortably and maneuver and dismount with ease. 


The Bobike Go has a three-point harness that goes over the child’s head before it buckles into the seat. The shoulder straps can be adjusted at three different points. 


Footrests keep your child’s feet safely tucked away. Adjustable footrests in 5 positions, no tools needed.

The help keep the feet in place, there are rubber foot straps that easily fold over the child’s foot and then hook into place.

Designed in Holland  and Produced in Portugal 

Awards – EQTM European Quality Trademark

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MOUNTING: on frame
Weight: 2.890 kg